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Friday, January 23, 2009


Today we headed off to the mall with Dakota for an after-
noon's training walk. The mall is a great place for training with its many distractions and loud, unexpected noises.

After starting off with some basic obedience, I decided to see if Duckie remembered how to find the elevator.

...Well, my main problem was just holding him back so he didn't mow down the lady in front of us in his excitement! "Steady," our command for slowing down, is practically Dakota's middle name these days. But I was happy with him for finding the elevator so confidently. This elevator is an interesting one because its glass walls allow you to look out as you go up and down. That takes a little getting used to when you're just a pup! Really, he did just fine.

Here Dakota
"finds the button" so we can go for another elevator ride.

Then it was time to walk around some more and do a little work on stairs. Again, the operative word is "Steady."

Dakota's got a lot of enthusiasm, but just needs to slow down and take one stair at a time. Life is so exciting for him right now that "steady" just doesn't come naturally. But he'll get there!

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