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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fun at Petco

Today we met up with Michelle Pelletier, puppy program manager, and Ernie Landy, Guide Dogs of Texas volunteer coordinator, at our local Petco. Petco and Natural Balance foods are partnering to help promote GDTX -- very exciting for us! While Ernie met with the manager, we took advantage of the opportunity for some training with Michelle.

Repeat with me: I will not pounce on the cat toy...I will not pounce on the cat toy...

...And here we are, learning not to chase the mice. Dakota did pretty well, I thought. He's quick to catch on once he knows what you want.

This cheeky little sparrow outside the store didn't know what was good for him. He kept swooping down and pestering us, hopping right in front of Dakota's nose. I was so proud of Dakota for not going after him! I know he wanted to. Self-control is an important skill for a guide dog. We're getting there!

Those of you who have read last week's post will be happy to hear that Dakota's little problem is all sorted out now. I steeled myself against his cute little face, put on my best "mean" voice, and told him, "No! Get in the bus!" That was it. Why didn't I do that sooner? Just look how well he gets in the bus now! Good job, Dakota.


puppyluver said...

I KNEW you'd sort it out :)


Virginia Janet said...
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Kristin Joy said...

Nice pictures.!! It seems that you had an awesome fun time at Petco. Its my favorite store for pet supplies.