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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Do any of you out there like shopping? I love to shop! All those new sights and smells...all those people...the only thing I don't like is squeaky shopping carts. I think they should be banned! Here I am at the store today, helping to pick out party supplies.

Today while we were looking at some toys, one of them came to life! It was a giant yellow puppy, bigger than me, and it started barking! Can you believe it...barking in a store? I definitely know better than that! After making sure it wasn't going to attack us or anything, I decided it was nothing to worry about.

Until next time, happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Dakota had a friend over today -- Sammy, Tracy's new guide dog puppy-in-training. He is a golden retriever and just a wonderfully sweet, mellow boy with velvety-soft fur. We called him "The Velveteen Puppy." He's going to be a BIG dog -- he's a month younger than Duckie but already bigger! The boys had lots of fun running, playing, and being crazy together. In fact, they played so hard that within the first half hour or so, Dakota lost 3 more baby teeth. Well, they needed to come out! A good time was had by all. Thanks Tracy for sharing your puppy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Democracy & Dakota

Hi everybody, this is Dakota. Guess what? I got to go "vote" today. The main thing I know about voting is, you get to go to a big room where a bunch of people sitting at tables are waiting to meet you, say how cute you are, and ask questions. It was totally awesome! My mom went and pushed some buttons in a booth -- not sure what that was all about, but she seemed to think it was important. On the way out, I got to practice some "finds" -- that's where I find handy things like the trashcan, the door, or a seat for my mom. I had so much fun I think we should go again, but my family says there's a rule against that. Wonder why?

Well, everyone, make sure to go and vote today -- and get your sticker when you leave so you can look cool, like me!