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Friday, January 2, 2009

Get In the Bus!

Dakota is only too happy to go anywhere at the drop of a hat, and loves to "Get in the bus." (The "bus" is whatever vehicle we're riding in.) Here's the problem:

...he invariably leaves a paw out! I started off being "nice" and putting it back in for him...then I turn my back and it's out again. I put it back, and then he puts his nose out! I've come within an inch of slamming body parts in the door I don't know how many times! Scary.

Finally this lightbulb went off in my dim brain: It's not that he's too dumb to know I'm going to close the door. He's doing it for attention! We always laugh at him in our exasperation and he thinks he's being cute. He's made up his own little game with this trick. So next time, no more Mr. Nice Guy! I will update you next week but I'm willing to bet that one real verbal reprimand and he'll shape right up.

It's been a great week and I'm really happy with Duckie's progress! Here's wishing everyone a tail-waggin' New Year and many long walks!

1 comment:

puppyluver said...

OH MY GOODNESS he is cute!!!

Great job, i knew you'd figure the little stinker out!!! :)