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Friday, January 16, 2009

A Busy Week

Dakota has had his paws full this week! Tracy needed a sitter for Sammy, so he's been spending some time at our house. Dakota seems to think he should be top dog, despite the fact Sammy is almost double his size. The two spend all their time either play-fighting or cuddled up next to each other asleep. Cute.

We've also gone to lots of new places, and some old ones, for walks. The moment Dakota sees me reach for the leash, or hears the words "go" and "walk" used in the same sentence, he's thrilled! He's really fun to work with.

Here Dakota demon-
strates the
me!" com-
Good boy!

In this picture, a distracted Duckie just hit his head on the yellow plastic thing at the end of the aisle and got a bit scared. We went back, I let him sniff it, and he figured out it wasn't going to attack again. Whew!

Here we're tempting him with a cat toy in a repeat of last week's exercise. You can see he's not falling for it this time! He's much more focused on my yummy liver treats.

And at the end of the, play, play. What could be better?

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