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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just Look At This Face!

...what does it look like to you? "Cute," "sweet," "cuddly"? How about "dangerous killer"? If not, then I'm guessing you're not a chicken!

Tuesday, I needed a puppysitter for a few hours and Tracy kindly let Dakota come over to the Greenwood School for a visit. We thought it would be a nice day for him to play with her guide dog puppy, Zeke. That afternoon when I came back to get him and asked how he'd been, Tracy answered, "Well, I think the chicken will live..." Ah, those are words you just never want to hear! A glance outside revealed little fluffy white feathers strewn far and wide. Apparently Dakota was just too fast for the poor bird...luckily one of the Greenwood teachers arrived in time to save the day by wrestling it from his mouth. BAD DOG!!

SO...we've scheduled a return visit for Dakota in a couple of weeks. This time I'll be with him, he'll be on leash, and we're going to hang out in the chicken coop doing obedience til he realizes that chickens are just no fun at all. After that, I think Tracy & Zeke are going to join us at the park doing obedience and feeding the flocks of pigeons until the pups get the concept that BIRDS ARE BORING...and chasing them only gets us in trouble!

Dakota's smart and really doesn't enjoy making me mad, so I'm pretty optimistic about this. Wish us luck!

Meanwhile, you can see he's not suffering a bit from all this. Aaah...what a life!

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