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Saturday, May 16, 2009

At the Bookstore

With graduations and weddings coming up on the calendar, it was time to hit the shops for a few gifts. Thursday found us at the bookstore.

Dakota did a good job of finding the door and negotiating it. We're still working on a straight sit at doors -- he tends to want to sit at an angle facing the opening. But we're getting there.

I think I need that one right behind you, Duckie.

After I found a book, I needed somewhere to sit down and look it over. So I asked Dakota to find me a seat. I knew from shopping here before that there was one around the corner -- but he didn't. You could almost see the little wheels in his brain moving as he went to work on the task.

Hmmm...nothing over there...

We moved off slowly until we came to the end of the row and he saw what he was looking for.

Target acquired! Off we go!

He was pretty proud of himself when we got there.

We had a nice chat with an employee working in the card section. She was very nice and seemed interested in what we were doing.

Dakota found card shopping pretty boring....

...until we got to the musical ones. This graduation card played the Hallelujah Chorus, which was something new for him!

Shopping done, it was time for Duckie to find the counter so we could pay for it all.

...what a good job. Now it's time for Dakota to go home and relax in his favorite place!

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