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Friday, April 3, 2009

Just Having Fun

Who says guide dogs don't have fun? Some-
times people I meet say they feel sorry for Dakota, having to work so hard. What they don't realize is how much he loves his work. He's such a smart boy, and he's very proud when he learns new things! You can see it in his wagging tail and jaunty trot. He gets to go everywhere with us...but at the end of the day he can play just as hard as any other dog. Today after work he enjoyed some time with the kids at the church playground.

"Watch out, I'm comin' after you..."

"Tag, you're it!"

"Helloooo down there..."

For Duckie, any game that involves liver treats is a good game.

The tunnel is a nice cool spot to rest.

"It's not time to go yet, is it? We're still having fun!"

If we all enjoyed our work and our play as much as a guide dog, the world would probably be a better place!

1 comment:

puppyluver said...

I lOVE that dog!! and i'm really partial to the family as well! hopefully you will still love ME after taxi!