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Friday, April 17, 2009

Cruisin' With Taxi

Well, two weeks into the puppy swap, Taxi is settled right in here. Every morning as soon as he can tell I'm awake, he greets me with the THUMP-THUMP-THUMP of his happy tail hitting the sides of the crate. I keep asking him if that doesn't hurt, but he just gives me a silly grin and ignores the question.

"I'm just a morning person!"

We've been having lots of fun on our walks. We try to take Taxi to lots of different places and he seems to enjoy the interesting new experiences. There are only a few exceptions...for example, although he enjoyed going to Petco, the rodent section really scared him. He tucked his tail, leaned up against my side, and was very eager to leave. On our way out, though, we picked up some dog treats and he forgot all about his fright.

"Ooh, liver flavor!"

For such a large dog, Taxi can really "tuck in" well when we sit down. Since he likes to sit on our feet, it doesn't bother him at all to smoosh in tight places. The cozier the better for Taxi, as long as he's with his people! It's funny sometimes to hear people's reactions when they see us leaving a restaurant, not having noticed he was there until we got up to go.

"Aha! If I sit on her foot she cannot move without setting off the finely tuned Taxi Alert System!"

Meanwhile, what about Dakota? Well, I haven't heard anything recently, but early reports were that he was settling in well too. I expect he's taking things in stride...and, knowing him, making friends wherever he goes! The Reimers sent me these pictures of him in his new digs (er, perhaps I should say dogs are not supposed to dig...) Thanks, Mary & Wes!

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