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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Well, the weather news says we've logged somewhere around 60 days of 100-degree-plus weather here in Central Texas, but hey, who can keep track any more? After a while it all just runs together in a sort of feverish blur. Here are a few tips from Duckie on keeping cool:

#1: Pant. Pant a lot.

#2: Find a cool place to lie down and rest.

#3: See #2. (This is Dakota's patented cool-down pose, "The Roadkill.")

#4: Try to stay in air-conditioned places. The dairy aisle is great.

#5: When your people are looking the other way...sneak out and run under the sprinkler! With any luck you'll get a bit muddy and they'll have to hose you off before bringing you back inside...heh heh heh!

Happy dog days, everyone!

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