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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ups and Downs

Dakota likes his walks (apart from his puppy jacket -- which literally rubs him the wrong way!) He loves to be working, remembers commands well, and usually has a lot of fun.

But I'll be the first to admit, he's got a ways to go when it comes to that all-important guide dog skill of waiting patiently. That's why he has such a hard time at church. I mean, here he is, surrounded by people whom he already knows and loves (since many of them have been to our home)...and I tell him he can't go over and say hi to them? What's all that about? He's really frustrated by this. I spend half my time surreptitiously reminding him to be quiet...the other half, reminding him to lie down! No wonder we're in the back pew. Tonight's service is just a business meeting...maybe he's bored.

I come in loaded down with a ton of treats, and dole them out at an alarming rate. The first half hour goes pretty well...

...then he gets increasingly restless and whiny...

He'd better watch out. I know I have connections at this church, but if he doesn't shape up he'll get himself banned! By me if no one else...out of sheer embarrassment. But at last, he stretches out and starts to fall asleep, just in time to...

...wake up, it's time to go!

I'm sure he'll grow up and this will all get easier eventually!

On a different note -- we had some cause for mild concern this week when Duckie developed symptoms of tummy upset. At Michelle's advice, we gave him a couple pepto bismol to help him get over it. At first I was worried he wouldn't take them, but after sniffing them cautiously he ate them right up and by next day seemed to be feeling better. The funny thing is how Duckie reacted the next time one of the kids needed the pepto bismol.

Yes, he's sitting politely, tail wagging, waiting for his turn! This really cracked me up. He's probably wondering why she's getting into his dog treats!

Just another one of life's little ups and downs.

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puppyluver said...

you know he is playing you right?? he knows exactly how many kibble you have and are willing to give him ;)