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Friday, February 20, 2009

Double Doodle

That's right, it's double trouble around the Lord household these days! That's because we're temporarily keeping Trixie, another GDTx puppy-in-training from Dixie's Doodles
( ). Don't be deceived by her small size -- Trixie is actually older than Dakota and is just making the transition from her puppy raising stage to advanced work at the training center in San Antonio. Like Dakota, she's smart as a tack and enjoys her work.

Look at that nice double "down!" These two are hilarious together because they're a lot alike. Very competitive. At first, Trixie wasn't so sure about doing "sit" and "down" in front of Dakota, probably because it seemed too submissive and she really wants to be top dog. But pretty soon she noticed that he was getting all the treats and praise and...well, that was totally unacceptable! So now they've started trying to outdo each other. It's like having two kids trying to be your favorite all the time!

The two of them play til they're tuckered out, take a long nap, and then hit it again. By the time I get around to taking them out for walks they're pretty mellow. Trixie lets Dakota win some games, but he has learned a couple of things: don't mess with her food, and don't mess with her kong! It may just be a piece of red rubber to us, but in Trixie's world the kong is sacred! She lives for the joy of kong-fetching and kong-chewing.

Since Trixie is starting her advanced training, she gets to wear a leather harness in place of the blue puppy jacket. Here we are at the Post Office...I think she's pretty proud of herself.

In the meantime, Dakota's thinking, "Hey, wasn't this blog supposed to be about me?" So I'll close with another picture of him just to keep the peace. We're proud of you, little Duckie!

Don't miss next week's edition -- I have something special to share with you!

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